Now Offering Microblading

Microblading has arrived to beehive!

Our veteran esthetician Michele has been working away to bring the newest trend in brows to beehive and you:

Wake up every morning makeup free with effortless, beautiful brows. The microblading procedure is a semi-permanent process of delicately implanting pigment into the skin via tiny, sterile needles called “microblades”, giving you the appearance of natural individual brow hairs. Our esthetician focuses on providing a customized, subtle, natural enhancement to your brows. If you struggle to thicken, define, darken or shape your brows - microblading could be the answer for  you! Results last 6-24 months depending on your individual skin type. *Consultation required prior to first appoinment

$400 / 2.5 hours

September Special $200 off

October Special $150 off

November Special $100 off


Get the ball rolling, call the front desk to book your complimentary consultation!



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