About Beehive Salon

beehive salon opened its doors on September 6th 2000 in the Tangletown neighborhood of Wallingford, one of the best residential areas of Seattle.  We are situated on a 2 block stretch of wonderful local businesses that have also made a name for themselves.  We built ourselves from the ground up, starting with 5 chairs and a spa room, expanding in 2004 to 8 chairs and steadily growing to the 12 chair + spa room salon we are today.  We are a full service Aveda Lifestyle salon that provides the best in hair, skin and body services.

May 26, 2015 marks the opening of our 2nd location in West Seattle to a similar environment that we have in Tangletown, a full service Aveda Concept Salon with 7 chairs and 1 spa room just off the Alaska Junction neighborhood of West Seattle. 

Both locations have a continuous vibe about them. 

beehive salon is a fun, comfortable and beautiful boutique  Aveda Lifestyle/Concept salon and spa.  As you enter our hip haven in either Tangletown or West Seattle, you will be taken care of from head-to-toe by our well-educated, professional staff.  Our service providers take their professions very seriously and their quality of work and years of passion and education shine through.  Allow us to make your day by making you look and feel marvelous. We look forward to taking care of all your hair, skin and body needs!